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Born in South Carolina (USA), I moved to the Netherlands at 16 to study painting at Minerva Academy of Art in Groningen. Fascinated by methodology, I graduated with paintings and drawings by a set of rules based on logic combined with strict mathematics in order to concisely describe the natural development of a fixed visual. The word ‘musical’ was often used to describe these paintings and after graduating I focussed my attention on learning to read and write music scores, using my paintings as a basis for verbatim translation to music. I used a color wheel and a circular music scale as a dictionary to translate a color of a specific pigment to a musical note on a specific instrument within a time-based meter as designated by the original visual rhythms. The result was promising enough that I was able to acquire funding to compose and produce a chamber concerto in 9 movements versus a series of 9 paintings and an audio-visual opera from from early 2009 to the summer of 2010.

My body of work consists of alchemistic material paintings, self-built and modified musical instruments, spoken-word and musical compositions ranging from very short (4 minutes) to exceedingly long (16 hours). I participate actively in the performance of my work and collaborate with like-minded musicians who approach and handle their instruments in a compatible way with how I approach and handle my paint or my pen. I see music, painting, sculpture, literature etc., all as languages where the same thing can be communicated in different languages at the same time. I am interested in the thought processes that emerge when an artist and a musician learn each other’s languages by comparison and how this affects both their multi-faceted expression.





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