Metals and chemicals

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(high resolution photos by Maarten de Kok; low resolution photos by Michael Karr)



In a new wave of painting, I have started producing my own pigment landscapes on canvas and panels. I eat away at metal under the conditions of strong acid/base reactions, forming pools of (i, ii, iii) oxides, sulfides, nitrates and chlorides. Once a reaction has finished and the pools have dried, I seal off the deposits with synthetic resin to prevent the very delicate material from deteriorating.



It gives a new definition to the painting as a natural occurrence. Mountains, craters, faults and pools and riverbeds all form. Shrubs and other growths suddenly appear. These reactions, described as chemical formulae, serve as the basis for a musical system by which I manipulate very elementary musical themes as I do to the elements of the periodic table.



I am chemically preparing three pianos, with a total extended range of 10.8 octaves each, for a large-scale small symphonic work, to premiere on 21-12-12.


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